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Overcoming an Addiction to Heroin is More Difficult Than Most People Think

Heroin addiction is ravaging the nation. People who thought that they could dabble with the drug become helplessly addicted to the substance and will do anything to get their fix. Addiction is a disease that isn’t easy to overcome, especially when it is an addiction to heroin.

In 2017, more than 15,480 people died from a heroin-related overdose in the United States alone. Those who suffer from addiction will steal from anyone that they can just so that they can finance their drug addiction. This often leads to a criminal record developing, which can make it even more difficult for them to get the help that they need. The following guide provides essential information about heroin addiction and the recovery options that are available.

Professional Assistance Will be Needed to Overcome an Addiction to Heroin

The withdrawal symptoms that occur when someone tries to overcome an addiction to heroin are so severe that people often cave and relapse because they simply do not want to experience the heroin withdrawals any longer. There are clinics available that addicts can go to when they want to get help to overcome their addiction.

You Don’t Have to Experience the Entirety of Withdrawal Symptoms

Having to go through the withdrawal symptoms can deter many addicts from even trying to get clean. At the clinics, methadone can be prescribed to help diminish the symptoms that the addicts experience. Methadone is a medication that causes the body to feel sedated and relaxed so that the addicts do not feel the intense physical symptoms they would feel when their body is withdrawing from the heroin addiction.

Methadone Must be Prescribed

Just like any other medication on the market, methadone can be abused. Taking more than one needs can lead to a new addiction or to an accidental overdose and death. It’s important for methadone to be prescribed by a medical professional so that it can be taken in a controlled setting and the results monitored. The professional will be able to make sure that the patient is being given the right amount based on their size and needs.

Methadone is Often Prescribed Daily

When someone is addicted to any drug, it can be hard for them to be responsible when it comes to taking methadone. Medical professionals will not prescribe a large dose of methadone for one to take home because there is a good chance that the person suffering from addiction will not take them in a responsible way. Many methadone treatment clinics require addicts to come to get their methadone treatment every day if they are not participating in an in-house recovery program. For people addicted to heroin, an inpatient treatment program paired with methadone treatment will yield the best chances at recovery.

How Long the Methadone Will Last Can Vary

The length of time that the methadone will last varies from person to person. There are some methadone treatments that only last a few hours, while others can last a day or more. The doctor will be able to tell which option is best for each patient and prescribe the amount based on the individual needs of the person. It’s important to only take the prescribed amount of methadone, as any more can lead to an overdose.

Methadone Treatment Takes Time

When someone is overcoming an addiction to heroin, it is important for them and their family to know that the addiction will not be cured in a matter of a few days. It will take time. Many people suffering from addiction will need to enroll into a methadone clinic offering inpatient care in order to be able to start the recovery process.

The patient will start with a high dose of methadone when they are trying to stop using the heroin. During this period, the drug will cause the person to have impaired judgment, which could lead them to doing things that they should not be doing. This is often the period when inpatient care is needed to ensure that the person can be monitored regularly so that they do not get themselves into trouble or hurt themselves or someone else.

Once the physical withdrawal symptoms subside, the dose of methadone is often lowered, and the person can start to function better on a day to day basis. At this point, the person may be able to go live with family members who can help them stay on track with their recovery. They will still need to take methadone for quite a while until they are able to break the mental hold that the drug has on them.

Methadone Needs to be Taken on Its Own

When someone has an addiction, there are often times when they think that they can do other substances during their recovery period without worrying that it could lead to an overdose or new addiction. That is not the case at all though. Methadone is a medication that is designed to be taken on its own.

Patients taking methadone should not drink or do drugs while they are on it. If someone gets a headache or feels ill, they need to contact the medical provider that prescribed them the medication to let them know what the situation is. The doctor will then be able to tell if the person is safe to take anything else for their symptoms or if they simply need to tough it out.

Mental Help May be Needed During Recovery

One major issue that arises when people start to recover from heroin addiction is the shame and anguish they feel over the things that they did. Many in recovery need to see a mental health professional to get therapy for their addiction once they start to recover. A mental health professional can help the person determine why they started to take drugs in the first place and create steps to help them avoid taking them again in the future.

There are many times when people have underlying mental conditions that have never been diagnosed and are discovered during counseling after a drug addiction. Being diagnosed with any mental condition can help people in recovery be able to better understand what led them to use drugs and establish better ways to handle their condition that are more productive and safer.

Ongoing Help Is Needed When Overcoming an Addiction to Heroin

Once someone overcomes the physical ties that they have to heroin, they need to create a support system that can help them overcome the mental addiction that they have. There are many times when being around others who have recovered from an addiction to drugs and alcohol can help an addict stay on the right track and lead the most productive life that they can.

There are Narcotics Anonymous meetings that addicts can use to meet people who have been through similar things to them. When an addict feels the draw to do drugs again, they can contact someone from the group to get advice about what they need to do to avoid using again. This can be a very valuable tool because getting advice from someone who has been in the same situation will have more of an impact on an addict than advice given by someone who has never lived the same struggle.

Forgiveness and Apologies Will be Needed

In order for someone to be able to move on with their life after an addiction to heroin, they need to be able to admit their mistakes, apologize to those that they hurt along the way, and accept the forgiveness that is bestowed upon them. The only way to truly overcome addiction is to be able to let go of the past and move on to lead as productive of a life as they can.

Recovery Starts with the Addict Wanting Help

In order for any changes to be made in an addicted person’s life, they have to want to make the changes. Someone with a heroin addiction can go to a methadone clinic to get the help that they need to overcome their addiction. The addicted individual may not be able to pay for treatment, but their family may be able to help or there may be grants in place that can pay for the treatment that the person needs.

Overcoming a heroin addiction is a long road that will be filled with many bumps along the way. It takes the average heroin addict many attempts at recovery before they are actually able to overcome the addiction. Roughly 90 percent of people who try to recover from addiction will relapse at least one time during their journey to recovery. It is important for someone to know that they may need to try over and over again before they are able to beat their addiction, but the struggle will be worth it in the end.

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