Choose Methadone Treatment in Ohio

You might be wondering whether Ohio, OH, is a good place to get methadone treatment. The state is proud to offer a variety of treatment programs for those who struggle with addiction episodes.

Methadone Treatment is among the treatment options being offered in Ohio. Find out what recovery centers in Ohio that offer methadone maintenance now.

There are # Methadone Clinics in Ohio.

Why is Methadone The Best Option?

Methadone treatment is created to help ease the strong craving for opiates. The medical professionals will usually let you take the first shot during your first treatment. Depending on your addiction, you may start at a low dosage of lower than 40mg.
If the doctor is confident that you are eligible for stronger doses, you may be prescribed form methadone shots between 80 to 120mg daily. Methadone is good because it strengthens your ability to resist the cravings her opioid and opiates like heroin.

Methadone Treatment; Outpatient or Inpatient?

Both types of the program have the advantages and disadvantages. Often, they have more benefits but depending on the needs of the patient. If the patient needs 24/7 attention and assistance, therefore, inpatient program is more suitable. Either way, they are both important to help the patient to recover.

Ohio Facing the Worst Epidemic

According to the reports by CDC, Ohio seems to be on top of the list of states with a high risk of drug abuse.

Overdose deaths in Ohio rose up to 21.5 percent between the years of 2014 and 2015.

Therefore, methadone treatment seems ideal in dealing with substance abuse. If you are looking for recovery centers in Ohio, we have a list of facilities that offer good treatment programs for you.