Opioid Addiction in Wyoming

The overprescribing of prescription opioids has created a culture of addiction that’s quickly growing out of control. Even after the establishment of new laws and regulations curtailing prescribing practices, the problem remains. Many people who can no longer get their medications have turned to drugs like heroin and fentanyl to feed their addiction.

Wyoming has been fighting the opioid epidemic with accessible rehabs and medication -assisted treatment programs using methadone. A family led intervention can motivate a person to seek treatment, but the use of methadone allows the addict to lessen detox symptoms and focus on recovery.

There are # Methadone Clinics in Wyoming

Exploring Treatment Options

Prolonged opiate addiction usually requires an inpatient program that offers residential treatment. The facility can begin the administration of methadone while offering a variety of different cognitive and behavioral therapies aimed at teaching the addict to live life without opioids.

Inpatient programs usually last from 28 to 90 days, and gradually work on developing coping skills and overcoming emotional trauma. Methadone allows the client to focus on their treatment instead of being consumed by lingering withdrawal symptoms associated with detox and intense cravings for the drug. From here, they often move to an outpatient program that can continue their medication assisted treatment while providing additional resources.

Fighting Back

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse WY data the most up-to-date report and reflects the aggressive stance Wyoming has taken on the fight against addiction.

Wyoming only saw 50 deaths related to opioids in 2016

The availability of rehab programs and medication-assisted therapy has helped to reduce the number of opioid addicts in Wisconsin to one well below the national average. This is proof that education and available resources can have a real impact on the overall health of those suffering from substance abuse disorders.