Overcome an Opioid Addiction in South Carolina

If you have noticed that you are taking an opioid more often than you are prescribed to take it, you may benefit from methadone treatment.

Addiction is nothing to be ashamed of, methadone treatment can help you find recovery.

The first thing you need to do is evaluate your situation. You do not need to wait for an intervention to talk to your friends and family about your issues. Ask them if they have noticed a difference in you since you started taking the medication.

Their input could help you decide that it is time to seek outside help.

There are # Methadone Clinics in South Carolina

Seek  Help to Overcome Your Addiction

The withdrawal symptoms that you experience when you detox can be intense. Methadone treatment has shown to be an effective and safe way to overcome an opioid addiction. You can go to an outpatient facility every day to get the treatment if you feel you can avoid the opioid on your own.

SC inpatient treatment facilities are ideal if you notice that you are still tempted to use the opioids even when you are on the methadone treatment and you are afraid you are going to use.

Be Strong, Recovery Takes Time

You will be able to overcome your physical addiction to the opioids long before you are able to overcome the mental addiction. Many people find that the numbing effect of the opioids made dealing with stresses in life easier. They often miss the numbness that they felt when they took them.

There were 550 people who overdosed in 2016 in South Carolina

Some people go through 12-step programs along with methadone treatment to stay clean. This may be a great option for you if the temptations are still strong.