Opioid Addiction and Methadone as a Treatment Option

The Unbelievable Advantages of Methadone Treatment

positives of methadone treatment

Methadone saves lives. Hundreds of studies confirm its therapeutic power.

This isn’t a perfect medication. Methadone is certainly not for everyone and it does come with side effects. but it allows opiate addicted people to get off of the drug and enjoy a better life.

If you or someone you love needs help for an opiate addiction, it deserves your consideration.

Here are just some of the benefits of methadone treatment.

Does Methadone Work?

Nothing out there works better than methadone at keeping addicts away from their drug of choice. This medication gives addicts relief from withdrawal symptoms.

This is such a huge benefit. One of the main reasons why addicts don’t want to get clean is because they’re afraid of the symptoms they’ll experience during withdrawal.

If we can limit their symptoms, hopefully, we can convince more people to seek help and eliminate the desire to use opiates.

It’s Inexpensive

Methadone treatment costs less than other types of addiction treatment.

The costs of a treatment program are pretty low. There is absolutely a benefit to long-term stay facilities to help people get clean and maintain sobriety, but the cost is often prohibitive.

Methadone will give you relief for 24 hours a day for the price of a few drinks at Starbucks.

Even with the falling cost of opiates, anyone who is quitting using these drugs will save money every month switching from buying them to buying methadone.

It Helps You Get and Stay Healthy

Addiction is certainly not associated with good health, there are serious health consequences of opioid abuse.

On methadone, people start to feel better and are able to take care of themselves. They become more self-aware and gradually return to their previous lives.

Also, it’s worth noting that methadone treatment will never require you to share a needle. When you’re actively participating in a treatment program, you greatly reduce the risk of the diseases associated with IV drug use.

It’s Legal

Methadone is legal. As long as you’re enrolled in a legitimate methadone maintenance treatment program, you have every right to use it.

When you are using drugs like heroin, you are risking arrest, prosecution, and jail time. And that’s only talking about legality, which doesn’t even mention the ways that you’re risking your health.

An opiate addiction gets expensive. Many addicts find themselves resorting to criminal activities to pay for their drugs to stop experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Some leave their families, quit their jobs, and lose everything they have.

You won’t need to break a law to pay for your methadone.

It Helps You Get Your Life Together

Methadone works as an addiction treatment because it provides lasting relief. It doesn’t affect your coordination or your ability to think. Plus, it won’t get you high as other drugs do.

When you’re on methadone, you’re able to drive a car, pursue an education or career, and handle your other responsibilities.

Methadone treatments allow you to take your life back from your addiction and take care of yourself and the people that depend on you.

It Gives You Daily Contact

People often say that the biggest drawback to methadone treatment is the fact that you have to visit a clinic every day. However, this can also be a tool to use for improving your life.

A daily trip to the clinic offers a structure. This gives people who are used to spiraling out of control a bit of normalcy and stability to hang onto.

Getting up in the morning and going to the clinic helps you to keep focused on the activities that are keeping you healthy and happy.

When you get to the clinic, you get to be in contact with people who can help you, such as therapists and healthcare workers.

It works the same way that group therapy works. When we have people to talk to, keep up with, and hold us accountable, we are more capable of succeeding.

Healthy Pregnancy and Baby

Pregnant opiate addicts and their babies tend to do a lot better on methadone. It increases the odds of a successful pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy baby.

Withdrawal symptoms are serious for anyone, but they are especially detrimental to a newborn’s health. But these symptoms are eliminated in women in methadone treatment.

Pregnant women on treatment get much better care than those who abuse heroin or other opiates.

The process of withdrawal is way too hard on a fetus, especially when a mother tries to get clean right away. Medical professionals recommend methadone for pregnant addicts due to its low risks.

It Prolongs Your Life

You put your life in jeopardy every time you use opiates illicitly. There is a risk of disease, accident, infection, overdose, or even death.

Opiate addicts who aren’t on methadone are more likely to die than people getting treatment.

Is Methadone Treatment Right for You?

Some people find the side effects of methadone treatment hard to handle. Others don’t like the daily commitment of driving to a clinic to take the medication.

But no one can argue that methadone doesn’t work.

No other drug works better to get rid of the cravings and symptoms of withdrawal.

If you take the treatment as directed and go to counseling, therapy, a support group, or a mix of all three, you’ll be able to get your life back. You can hold down a job, take care of yourself and your family, and get your health in shape.

Methadone has saved lives. It can save yours too.

If you have any questions or wish to know about methadone treatment or opiate addiction, visit us today! Our team can guide you through this journey and make an opiate withdrawal a lot easier.

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