Alabama Methadone Treatment

Fighting Opioid Addiction in Alabama

The country is fighting an opioid epidemic that threatens to become much worse in the coming years. They have made their way to Alabama, there are people who are unable to fight their addiction on their own. Methadone treatment can be a great help in this fight.

This has led to a growing need for opioid treatment facilities that focus on the difficult detox period and the frequent need for an intervention prior to inpatient care. Opiates have a particularly strong hold on those who are predisposed to addiction both genetically and socially.

Medication-assisted treatment with methadone is proving to be one of the greatest tools in the fight against opioid abuse.

There are # Methadone Clinics in Alabama

Treatment Options in Alabama

Many experts recommend inpatient treatment facilities for those struggling with an addiction to things like heroin and other opioids. This is because of the particularly traumatic withdrawal symptoms that accompany the detox period.

The use of methadone can help to lessen these withdrawal symptoms and to make the transition into sober living easier for long time addicts.

Outpatient facilities in AL are also an option for those who need a more flexible schedule. Methadone treatment in most effective for those who are truly serious about treatment and who have a real desire to stop using opioids.

Exploring the Problem

The Alabama Opioid Overdose Addiction Council Report makes it very clear that state is ready and willing to fight against lax prescribing practices that put more opioids on the street.

Each year 60,000 die from overdoses in Alabama

They also sanction treatment with methadone as an effective way to fight against addiction and to treat ongoing problems. Education combined with methadone assisted therapies can help people to start working toward a better life.

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