Louisiana Methadone Treatment

Opioids in Louisiana—Fighting Addiction

Addiction has reached an all-time high in the US due to the availability of heroin and the overprescribing of narcotic pain medication. For those who are predisposed to addiction, these types of drugs add an additional risk. Due to their extreme euphoria and impact on a person’s neurotransmitters, opioids are particularly addictive. This is why methadone treatment is a growing option for those who are struggling.

The growing problem has led to a renewed interest in treatment methods and legislation prohibiting the overprescribing of medication throughout Louisiana. This state has been hit particularly hard, and methadone treatment programs are using methadone to fight back. Methadone can make withdrawals bearable and puts another proven tool in the hands of the addict and treatment professionals.

There are # Methadone Clinics in Louisiana.

Types of Treatment Available

Inpatient residential facilities are usually popular for those who require an intervention to motivate them toward treatment. They can start the methadone treatment while getting help to develop improved coping skills without the distraction of opiate withdrawal symptoms.

From here, many people go on to outpatient programs that provide many of the same services. An outpatient facility can continue the methadone-assisted treatment and put them in touch with community resources to increase their chances of long-term success.

Louisiana’s Opioid Epidemic

Using medication-assisted treatment programs can help to wean people off of the drugs while allowing them to continue contributing to the economy.

Louisiana employers reported 85 percent of those injured on the job received prescription painkillers between 2012 in 2014.

Louisiana has taken an aggressive step toward providing better treatment options and more consumer awareness regarding these types of medications. The availability of methadone and educational resources is a step in the right direction.

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