North Carolina Methadone Treatment

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If you have been wondering if methadone is the right choice for you, all you need to do is make your research. We have a good list of recovery centers in North Carolina, NC, that can satisfy your doubts. These facilities offer methadone treatment that is beneficial for addictions toward opioids, opiates like heroin.

Treatment options that use methadone as part of the recovery process tend to bring better result. If you commit to at least 12 months under methadone, there is a high chance that you will never go back to taking a drug.

There are # Methadone Clinics in North Carolina.

Understanding What is Methadone Treatment

The goal of taking methadone is to stay clean and lose the craving. Those who have been struggling with drug abuse for a long time will reap the benefits from methadone treatment.

Usually, after the intervention and detox, the patient is prescribed methadone to be taken daily. Occasionally, the patient will take a urine test to check whether he or she is still using drugs.

Inpatient or  Outpatient Affects on Treatment

Inpatient programs administer methadone every day whereas outpatient programs require patients to travel to the clinic every day.

Often, the choice of programs doesn’t really affect the whole treatment. This is because the doctors are still assisting you throughout the process. Methadone should not be taken without medical supervision.

Drug Epidemic in North Carolina

As reported, and it is still increasing as you are reading this now.

Between 1999 and 2014 the number of overdose deaths increased by 260 percent.

Because prescription pills are a lot easier to get, most start out as normal patients. Eventually, they become addicted and run out of their prescriptions.


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