Kansas Methadone Treatment

Methadone Treatment in Kansas

Opioids pose a very real danger to people across the US. Kansas has fought its own internal battle with drug use, and the opioid epidemic has reached many of its communities. So this has prompted a renewed interest in the control of prescription medications, and in the types of methadone treatment.

Becoming addicted to drugs like heroin and fentanyl are particularly dangerous, and many struggling with a chemical dependency to these drugs will require an intervention and prolonged inpatient treatment. Methadone has proven itself to be one of the best treatment options available for those struggling with opiate addiction.

There are # Methadone Clinics in Kansas.

Available Methadone Treatments

An addiction to opioids often leads to severe withdrawals as a person goes through a detox period. This merits an inpatient residential facility that provides around-the-clock care for those struggling with more severe issues.

However, there are many outpatient programs that can also offer methadone treatment using methadone. These programs have provided a higher rate of long-term recovery than other programs focused on more behavioral methods.

The Opioid Problem is Growing

According to the most recent report by the CDC, rural areas like Graham County KS have nearly doubled in their rate of opioid prescriptions and identified addicts.

Experts continue to say that the rate of opioid addiction is outpacing alcoholism in most rural counties. This is due to the availability of drugs combined with their euphoric and highly addictive effects.

In Kansas, there were 146 deaths directly linked to opioids in 2016.

Methadone counters this growing epidemic has proven to be effective and safe. It’s very important that these programs be carefully overseen by licensed physicians. So they can have a positive impact on the lives of addicted people.

So, if you are looking for methadone treatment use our directory to find one near you that has qualified physicians.

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