Getting Methadone Treatment in Idaho

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the recommended term for patients to be prescribed for methadone maintenance is one year. This is to ensure the best possible outcomes when it comes to recovery. In Idaho addiction to heroin and opioids has been surpassing the other substances and it has become a serious problem.

When it comes to the right treatment that can deal effectively with opioids, opiates and heroin, it seems like methadone treatment is the answer. You can easily find rehab centers in Idaho that offer methadone maintenance as part of their programs.

There are # Methadone Clinics in Idaho.

Inpatient and Outpatient Programs for Methadone Treatment

Just like the rest of the country, Idaho also offers both residential and outpatient programs. Each of these programs also comes with the options to be prescribed with methadone.

If the doctors figure out that the patients need methadone, then shots of methadone will be prescribed daily. Often, methadone can be taken in the forms of liquid or pills. With methadone maintenance, the cravings can be decreased gradually.

Detox and Intervention are Both Important

Although methadone is still considered as a controversial option, it is not surprising to see patients do reap benefits from methadone maintenance.

Because methadone does not have the narcotic effects which are instantaneous just like heroin, it is considered a safe detox drug.

Addiction Statistics in Idaho State

According to the statistics on addiction more than 600 Idahoans use heroin. It seems like the number of addiction is skyrocketing each year in Idaho and many recovery centers are trying to offer the best treatment option possible.

About 30,990 people in Idaho are addicted to prescription Opiodes.

To find out which rehab centers in Idaho that offer methadone maintenance, you can check our listing now.