Montana Methadone Treatment

Opioid Abuse in Montana

The national opioid epidemic has become front page news over the last few years.  Widespread prescription opioid abuse and drug trafficking have hit states like Montana particularly hard. New methadone treatment programs provided hope for communities struggling with the loss of a generation to opiate addiction.

While these methods show real promise, there’s still a great deal left to do. Many families will need to stage an intervention to convince their loved ones of the need for treatment. After this, it’s important to understand the available options.

There are # Methadone Clinics in Montana.

Understanding Methadone Treatment Options

Inpatient treatment facilities can offer residential therapy that focuses on alleviating the withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid detox. Methadone can be used to ease this process and has had excellent results with long-term recovery.

Outpatient programs can also offer methadone treatment and a number of locally-based therapies that can be based on the person’s schedule. Each person will need to choose the treatment option that works best for him or her. It’s important to understand that help is vital in the fight against opioid addiction.

A State in Crisis

Opioid prescriptions are much higher than the national average, and directly correlates to a rising number of prescription overdose deaths. These types of studies have been a source of enlightenment for communities around the state.

There are 83 opioid prescriptions written in Montana per 100 residents annually

The need for more aggressive treatment options paved the way for an increased availability of methadone treatment facilities and community-based resources. If all of these entities can come together, they can start to provide a better network for those suffering from opioid addiction throughout Montana.

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