Alaska Methadone Treatment

The Opioid Problem in Alaska

The opioid epidemic has led America to declare a state of emergency surrounding the use of these dangerous drugs. Many people credit the previous prescribing practices of physicians who believed that narcotics weren’t as dangerous as they turned out to be.

Others point the finger at an influx of heroin and fentanyl that seem to stem from never-ending sources in and out of the country. Regardless of the origin, Alaska has faced deadly consequences from the ongoing rise in opioid abuse. Methadone treatment has been a valuable resource in the fight against opioid addiction.

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Methods of  Methadone Treatment

People who are in active addiction may require a family led intervention to convince them of their need for treatment. Then, they often go to an inpatient treatment facility that’s better equipped to deal with the dangerous detox symptoms associated with opioid withdrawals.  However, these symptoms can be better controlled with the use of a medication-assisted treatment program using methadone.

Outpatient treatment facilities have been proven effective for those who have graduated from an inpatient facility, or for those who have better control over their addiction. These facilities allow the addict to return home at the end of each day following a scheduled treatment plan. They can also continue the treatment with methadone in a controlled way.

Addiction in Alaska

Experts in Alaska have widely recognized the use of methadone treatment as the best possible hope for prolonged sobriety.

Overdose deaths related to heroin and opiates have more than quadrupled in Alaska between the years of 2002 and 2013.

They’re working to bring more viable programs to the state, and to make them widely available throughout afflicted communities. You can search Methadone Near Me to find a methadone treatment center that will suit your needs.

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