Battling Opiate Addiction in Mississippi

Widespread opioid abuse has led to a problem throughout the country. Many people blame the opioid epidemic on lax prescribing practices by physicians, but the people of Mississippi have also seen a rise in the use of drugs like heroin and fentanyl because of its proximity to several drug routes.

Treatment programs have had to become progressively involved to get people the help that they need. This includes the use of methadone treatment.

There are # Methadone Clinics in Mississippi.

Rehab Options with Methadone Treatment

When treating opiate addiction, most professionals recommend an inpatient methadone treatment program. This is because of the aggressive nature of the drugs, and the need for an intervention prior to rehab. Opioids have a traumatic detox period that leads to severe withdrawal symptoms.

However, methadone is a medication that plugs into the opioid receptors in the brain and helps to deter cravings for the drugs. It can also help to lessen withdrawal symptoms. After residential inpatient treatment, many people go on to seek methadone -assisted therapy in outpatient programs.

A Growing Addiction Problem

The appropriate treatment techniques can save many lives.

In November of 2017 there were 195 overdose deaths in the state of Mississippi.

The state is working to create more methadone-assisted treatment programs that will be available to those struggling with an addiction to opioids. This tactic has proven to be more successful for long-term recovery results than any other rehab method available.

With the right combination of therapies and public education, Mississippi hopes to see a reduction in t loss of life.