Vermont Methadone Treatment

Fighting Opioid Abuse with Methadone Vermont

Vermont, VT, has a strong reputation for having the highest rate of illegal drug abuse in the whole country. Not only illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine are popular in the state, it seems like opiate abuse is an also major problem.

You will be recommended for certain types of treatment programs. One of the most popular ones is the methadone maintenance. Vermont has a good list of methadone treatments and you can find them on our listings now.

There are # Methadone Clinics in Vermont

Are You Eligible for Methadone Maintenance?

Majority of the people reported that methadone helps them to stay clean by controlling their desire to take drugs again. Often, you will be prescribed with lower dosage at 40mg and below.

Once the doctor knows how your body works, he or she might prescribe you with a higher dosage of methadone up to 120mg per day.

Methadone Treatment and Detox

During an intervention, you will usually be told about the whole process of methadone maintenance. Whether or not this program suits you, the doctor will be able to decide later. You will be required to agree to go through detox process to clean your body from all the substances.

You will begin taking your first dosage of methadone right away. This always happens in front of the doctor. Keep in mind that from time to time, you will be required to take urine tests randomly to make sure you are free from taking drugs.

Vermont Ranked as a State with Worst Drug Problems

Northeastern state struggles with the opioid epidemic daily. Perhaps it is due to the colder climate or people with higher levels of income, but the real reason behind why Vermont suffers a lot from drug abuse is still questionable.

You can make a difference by finding the methadone treatment. We have a list of inpatient and outpatient programs in Vermont.

In 2013 around 15 percent of people admitted that they took the illicit drug in September of the same year.

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