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what are the symptoms of methadone withdrawal

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  5. what are the symptoms of methadone withdrawal

Asked: 2018-10-09 01:37:14

What are the withdrawals like? I'm sooo not looking forward to that.


Answered: 2018-10-09 21:40:06

For me the Insomnia and paranoia were really the worst. I felt like I hadn’t slept in month and I was always worried someone was spying on me, watching me. It was awful.


Answered: 2018-10-11 02:10:26

Being a methadone user for some years, I found that the common symptoms like fever, sweats, nausea could all be handled, it really was the hallucinations and depression that really got me down.


Answered: 2018-10-10 11:03:47

The worst part for me was the nausea and the constant craving for the methadone.


Answered: 2018-10-09 22:40:43

The most common symptoms of methadone withdrawal can include chills, fever, the sweats, anxiety, muscle aches and pains. The first week from what I understand really is the worst of it.

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