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Methadone Pennsylvania and its Success Rate

Addiction continues to be one of the greatest concerns in the United States. Pennsylvania, PA, faces a great challenge in dealing with heroin and opioid abuse. Surprisingly, the state does rank higher compared to another state like New York.This is also why Pennsylvania has been offering awareness campaigns and free drug abuse programs. To find out more about methadone treatment for addiction in Pennsylvania, check out our listings.
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Receive Care for Your Addiction

Finding a good treatment in Pennsylvania is not a problem. If you are in-state, the outpatient program might be your best choice. However, depending on the decision made by the doctors based on your addiction, you might also be a good fit for an inpatient program.Either way, you will still be able to get methadone maintenance. Methadone treatment is highly popular among those who struggle with opiate addictions. Despite the criticism of methadone maintenance, it has been proven that it helps patient effectively to overcome addiction when combined with therapy.

The first Step of Methadone Treatment; Detox

Detox is required is to cleanse the body from all the unwanted waste and toxins. When the body still has the residue of the substances, detoxing while on methadone is much easier.However, methadone will be given by the doctors in the forms of liquid or pills and will help to fight off the withdrawals.

Pennsylvania's Recent Data on Drug Abuse

The rise in the number of young people struggling with drugs led the state to offer more treatments via recovery centers.
In 2015 there were more than 3,300 deaths related to drug abuse in Pennsylvania
There are plenty of methadone clinics in Pennsylvania. If you are thinking about getting treatment, use our directory to find methadone treatments near you.
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