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Is drug addiction treatment worth its cost?

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  5. Is drug addiction treatment worth its cost?

Asked: 2018-04-05 21:15:11

I want to get better but scared about putting money into treatment. Is it worth the cost?


Answered: 2018-04-07 08:13:38

Of course treatment is worth it! Make sure you go to one that fits your needs and has therapy. You’ll be happy you went.


Answered: 2018-04-06 12:40:28

Treatment saved my life and without it I wouldn’t be alive. I say yes one million times!


Answered: 2018-04-06 12:09:01

Yes, yes and yes! You will learn so much about yourself in treatment. I highly recommend going.


Answered: 2018-04-06 05:27:42

I didn’t stay sober my frst treatment center but it did make me realize I can get sober. When I was ready, I did what I learned in the treatment center and have been sober since.

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