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how much does inpatient rehab cost

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  5. how much does inpatient rehab cost

Asked: 2018-10-30 14:51:07

I know in order to kick my addiction I will have to do inpatient rehab, I just don’t know if I am prepared for the cost. Can someone tell me an average cost?


Answered: 2018-10-30 23:42:54

My inpatient rehab out of pocket cost was more than I would ever like to spend again. But I needed to do it. It was the best decision I ever made.


Answered: 2018-11-01 04:08:00

You should check with your insurance to see if they will cover your impatient rehab. That is your best option. Inpatient rehab can be quite costly.


Answered: 2018-11-01 13:56:21

I spent about 20,000 on inpatient rehab for my son. He’s been sober 3 years now.


Answered: 2018-11-01 06:58:16

Without insurance you are looking at a cost of anything between 12,000 to 60,000 depending upon the level of care you will need.

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