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How long can I take methadone?

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  5. How long can I take methadone?

Asked: 2018-06-29 02:45:41

How long am I able to take it for, could I just take it forever to treat my addiction??


Answered: 2018-06-29 15:15:55

You can take Methadone for life. You never really have to stop. You might lower your dosage but if you don’t feel comfortable stopping, no one will make you.


Answered: 2018-06-29 04:25:10

There will be no one stopping you or telling you to get off it. Methadone maintenance doctors recommend you stay on Methadone for as long as you can.


Answered: 2018-06-29 08:13:42

You can take Methadone for years. I don’t recommend doing it but don’t come off if you’re not ready. Better to take Methadone than go back to Heroin!


Answered: 2018-06-30 05:21:07

Talk with your doctor. I feel you should only take Methadone for about a year or two but you can take it as long as you need.

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